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We're excited for our Teacher Appreciation festivities set to start on Monday, 5/2!  Check out our calendar of events and be sure to have your child participate.  Let's make our teachers feel extra special!!  Click on the image for a printable version.




Monday 5/2: Bring your homeroom teacher a luggage tag with a special message.  Make your own or use the template below and be sure to sign their passport!



5/3: Write your Specials Teacher a postcard from port.  Create your own or use the template below and feel free to bring your teacher their favorite fruit!




5/4: Create a message in a bottle for your favorite teacher of all time!  If you can, purchase a treasure from their Amazon wish list.




5/5: Cinco de Mayo!!  Be sure to give your teachers a high 'cinco!'  Make a list of cinco reasons why PV teachers are the best!


5/6: We're back in the US.  Let's honor our Star Spangled Teachers by wearing red, white, and blue.  Take a patriotic selfie and share it on social media.  Be sure to tag @mgsd70pvpto or #pvteacherappreseation